Sunday, August 26, 2012

Let's Review

Hi!  During my hiatus, I learned a couple things, one of which is a person can put a Webisode on YouTube and it can go viral FAST.  Whooosh! 

But let's review!  Topic at hand: Game Design Aspect of the Month (GDAM for short) was an initiative brainstormed out of the newly formed IGDA Game Design SIG.  I didn't wait for procedures -- just went ahead and launched! 

Ian Schrieber started GDAM off with exactly the kind of post I was seeking because it was directed to practicing and aspiring game designers.  I also intended GDAM to be a community blog, where we could have back-and-forth responses or difference of opinions.  We certainly had a bit of that in a couple of topics.

Speaking of topics, if you take a look, GDAM certainly has had a lot and I would welcome more posts on any of those topics as well as topic suggestions.  You can e-mail them to me.  The topics allowed us to focus on one thing for a month and study it from all angles.

Well, it got harder and harder to maintain GDAM without help, especially while I was working full-time.  Altug did help but went off to complete his dissertation (the sap! lol), so it's been mostly a solo project. 

So, to get things rolling again, I guess I can start posting again.  I didn't want GDAM to be about ME, but in the absence of submissions, I can certainly comment on game design related subjects.  Two of my GDAM posts were selected for Gamasutra's best of the blogs after re-posting on my Gamasutra blog, so I do have interesting things to say.  Even so, please do continue to send submissions.  I would like to get GDAM back on track again!

Yours sincerely,

Sande Chen