Saturday, December 5, 2009

GDAM Reboot

After a very fruitful first year, the Game Design Aspect of the Month editors are preparing for the new year with the goal of building on last year's achievements and improving GDAM's features. We want to continue to present game designers, industry professionals and game researchers with a platform for high-standard discussions and exchange. We would like to express our gratitude to our readers and to all those who during the past year contributed to GDAM with their articles or took the time to participate in our podcasts: Thank you very much!

GDAM January: New Topic Suggestions

We are interested in hearing your topic suggestions for the month January. Please contact one of our editors if you believe you have an idea that would make a good GDAM topic. You can find out more about topic suggestions here. Some of our topics in the past were Mature Games, Prototyping and Player Death.

Call for Editors

GDAM wants to strengthen its team of editors and would like to hear from individuals who would be interested in joining us. Routine tasks of GDAM Editors include:
  • Developing or taking care of incoming topic suggestions
  • Acting as contact points for writers and assisting them during article submissions
  • Editing and preparing articles for publication
  • Participating in the production and publication of GDAM podcasts
  • Promoting GDAM via various communication platform
A certain level of commitment is expected.

Current GDAM Topic: Pitching and High Concepts

We are still looking for articles on our current topic Pitching and High Concepts. The topic was suggested by narrative designer Tobias Heussner and you can find a more detailed topic description here. Those who are interested can also participate in our podcast session on Pitching and High Concepts. Please contact our editors for more.


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