Wednesday, June 5, 2013

June 2013: Designing for Mobile

Hello and welcome to a new topic for June 2013! 

When I first started in mobile development, cell phones were these clunky devices that didn't have a lot of memory.  Games were rarely in color and featured stick figures or no graphics at all.  Every cell phone manufacturer had its own development kit.  It was like the Wild Wild West.  No standardized rules.  I was in charge of porting Scrabble the board game to mobile phones and as you can imagine, there were ample challenges in that project.

Some of the lessons I learned in designing for the small screen can still be applied today, even though the processing power of these devices seems to have expanded exponentially.  We are now capable of running MMOs on cell phones, but they're still small(er) devices with a small(er) screen sizes.  Tablets make it better, especially for inputs, but unfortunately, some games don't translate well from other platforms to mobile devices. 

What lessons have you learned while designing for mobile?  What are some pitfalls? 

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