Thursday, August 20, 2009

Single-Play Sessions Podcast

In this podcast, alternate reality game designer Andrea Phillips, CEO Kimberly Unger, and Creative Director Ryan Wiancko discuss the topic of Single-Play Sessions.

To download the podcast: go here.

Games Referenced:
Portal, Lego Star Wars, Far Cry 2, Solitaire, Fallout 3, Ultima 4, City of Heroes, World of Warcraft, Madden, Quake, Advanced D&D, Quake, Halo 3, Starcraft, Wallace & Gromit, Zelda Twilight Princess, You Have to Burn the Rope

Quote From Podcast:
There will always be people who say, 'I plugged the disc in, I played the entire thing non-stop, no bathroom breaks, no nothing, for fourteen hours,' but there are a lot more people gaming than those people. I think from a game designer's perspective, your worry is that you've designed the game too hard... So, I have absolutely no problem allowing people to save and then take two steps forward... because I want them to get to the end.

Andrea Phillips is a freelance alternate reality game designer and writer, and has worked on projects like the award-winning Perplex City, True Blood’s Blood Copy campaign, and Channel 4’s She is the chairman of the IGDA ARG SIG. She writes about games and digital culture at Deus Ex Machinatio.

Kimberly Unger is currently CEO of Bushi-go, Inc. a mobile game company specializing in serialized game titles. Having started as a junior 3d artist and texture painter back in the mid 90's she has worked her way up (and occasionally diagonally) through the title of producer until finally starting her own company in 2008.

Ryan Wiancko is the creative director of SARF Studios, a start-up creating an environmentally conscious, educational virtual world for kids as well as the owner and voice of Whether it's creating the most edutaining experience possible for the next generation of gamers or bringing together the largest collection of articles from the brightest minds in the gaming industry, Ryan is thoroughly immersed in the world of game design 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


IQpierce said...

Is your podcast on iTunes? I've searched for "game design" repeatedly on there and never found this...!

Sande said...

No, I haven't put it on iTunes yet. One of the items on our To-Do list...

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