Monday, May 31, 2010


Apologies...  It appears we've missed the entire month of May!  It's obvious that we need some help, so here is our Call for Editors notice again in case you were interested in the responsibilities.

Call for Editors

GDAM wants to strengthen its team of editors and would like to hear from individuals who would be interested in joining us. Routine tasks of GDAM Editors include:
  • Developing or taking care of incoming topic suggestions
  • Acting as contact points for writers and assisting them during article submissions
  • Editing and preparing articles for publication
  • Participating in the production and publication of GDAM podcasts
  • Promoting GDAM via various communication platforms
A certain level of commitment is expected.

Also, we'd like to implement a change to Game Design Aspect of the Month that hopefully will make the site change for the better rather than the worse.  We've heard that sometimes the month goes by and an article doesn't get written up in time.  But, the topic is still interesting to some people.  So, rather than let our old topics lay to waste, we will start accepting articles from previous months' topics.  However, the priority will always be on the current topic of the month!

What do you think?  Let us know.


Razvan said...

For me it seems perfectly fine your idea of posting articles from previous months topics, I really love this blog and it's the first one I've ever followed, I was kinda worried for not having a new entry since may , I check the blog daily at my job hehe.

Please keep up the amazing work, I really appreciate the information you share with us, specially me that I want to be a game developer, since right now I'm just an artist and I've been wanting to make a game for a while now, and all of your articles really make me think about ore stuff.

A big thanks from my side =)


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